la Grave, historical site

LA GRAVE is located in the southern portion of the Magdalen Islands, on Havre-Aubert Island.

Centuries ago, this was the birthplace of the Magdalens’ settlement, with a busy port, a cod-salting station, and a commercial centre with stores and businesses.
LA GRAVE, an old word which means “beach”, draws its name from its setting: a sandbar bordered by a pebble beach surrounded by water. In turn, LA GRAVE is sheltered by the immense Havre-Aubert beach.
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Today, a picturesque and tranquil marina may be found in LA GRAVE. This historic site has had a renaissance and also thrives as a business and tourist centre. One may stroll the length of LA GRAVE and enjoy the historic buildings, restaurants and shops as well as the maritime museum and the aquarium.
The Grave, historical site, a must see for every visitor.